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This article appeared in the Herald of 12 October 2016.

SO tired of hearing about the privileged minority! Where, oh where, do you get your information? 

POLICE ON CAMPUS: There was a tense standoff between Public Order Police and #FeesMustFall students armed with stones at the NMMU North Campus entrance last week. Picture: EUGENE COETZEE 

So many of the students who want to return to class obtained bursaries through sacrifice and hard work, others’ parents made loans and, of course, the NSFAS loan students.

What about the funding spent on students who are now employed but neglect to pay back the money?

Why shouldn’t funding be made available for deserving, yes deserving, students right across our rainbow nation?

Go and protest outside parliament or outside Nkandla.

When there was a peaceful march by the northern areas parents’ forum about the state of schools and lack of teachers, they were picked up by the police.

Yet protesting students are free to roam all over the place, blocking and even trying to intimidate students who cannot afford to repeat a year.

There are students who cannot lose their funding, EMS and nursing students who have to report to work to already understaffed hospitals.

The blood banks are even suffering because of the ongoing protest.

Seems democracy is for a privileged few, to quote you.

The travelling costs to get students on a daily basis to campus alone involves sacrifices. How can other students dictate when the doors should be opened?

This cause at first had a lot of sympathy, but it is slowly losing it through intimidation and bullying tactics. Those worst affected are the undergraduates.

LM Swartbooi, Bethelsdorp 

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