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This site is dedicated to the fees issues within the higher education sector and in particular its impact at Nelson  Mandela University.


We’re building a database of volunteers – staff and members of the community - who are committed to helping our students complete their 2016 academic year.

If you would like to become part of the solution, please complete the accompanying online form.



The Spirit of Water – Practices of cultural reappropriation: Indigenous heritage sites along the coast of the Eastern Cape-South Africa is title of the book Dr Magda Minguzzi of Nelson Mandela University recently published.

Reasons to be Proud - #R2bP: Two Mandela University music students have been awarded prestigious bursaries from The Southern African Church and Concert Organists Society (SACOS).

Students and staff in the Faculty of Engineering, the Built Environment and Technology (EBET) have been playing an incredible role in tackling COVID-19 challenges.

George Campus Principal, Dr Kaluke Mawila, was selected as Chair of FOREST21's* Advisory Board at it's first meeting.

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