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Access to NMMU Information Resources

Zero-rated data on Cellular Networks

NMMU educational resources are now zero rated on all mobile networks. The registration process and activation process completed on the 27th of October. Telkom, Vodacom, MTN and CELLC networks are live.

The following sites are zero rated:  (Moodle)  (SharePoint modules) (Student Portal) (Main Website) (Not currently CELLC) (Not currently CELLC)


Metro Library Connectivity

The following public libraries in the metro has been converted to full NMMU eduroam sites.

  • Uitenhage Library
  • Kwanobuhle Library
  • Motherwell Library
  • Zwide Library
  • Algoa Park Library
  • New Brighton Library
  • Korsten Library
  • Newton Park Library
  • North End Library
  • Linton Grange Library
  • Walmer Library

These libraries can now be used by both staff and students and all NMMU information and internet services are available as on campus.

Printing Services

Bulk Printing

  • Bulk printing requests can be forwarded to Reprographics. The staff are willing to do batch jobs at South Campus Reprographics but require security escorts. The printed material will then be transported to a safe venue for collection.
  • Should this option not be available, one or two of the Xerox printers will be moved to a central venue that will be identified. As these machines are quite big; ICT has arranged with a supplier to do the move, however this requires one day’s notice due to manpower, assembling and transport.
  • Glue binding is only available at the physical Reprographics department and can be arranged with Reprographics, alternatively spiral binders will be used off campus.

Imaging Services (Non-Bulk Printing)

  • General Multi-Function Devices (MFD) are available by arrangement. Based on the requirements of the venue, ICT will assess and recommend suitable printers. Existing departmental printers may have to be moved pending the availability and assessment of the requirements and venues. Network connectivity is a requirement for the printers and as such, will influence the suitability of the venues.
  • As some of the printers are contracted through service providers, at least one day/s notice will be required.                

Service Desk and Technical Support

  • ICT Helpdesk is available on 041 5043000 or via email at
  • The service is manned by 6 support staff.
  • Various support staff are available on campuses.
  • ICT is ready and able to assist with moving of PC’s to alternative venues.  Barcodes will be used to draw reports from ITS to provide PC age and value.  This will enable Finance to provide information for insurance purposes.  In order to move these PC’s they would require transport, network and electrical support.  ICT will do the breakdown and setup. 
  • The loan laptop pool has been depleted. ICT can move lab machines once a suitable venue has been identified.

Academic Administration Support

  • Mechanisms to identify students during access to the safe facility are being finalised.
  • Technology investigations are being finalised whereby exam papers can be securely emailed to external moderators.

Blended Learning

The Blended Learning (BL) Team consists of two colleagues from ICT Services and two from CTLM. The teams focus is on making technology enhanced teaching and learning mainstream.


  • Learning Management Systems (Moodle)
  • Collaboration (SharePoint)
  • Visual Learning, video uploads, streaming, classroom recordings (NMMUTube)
  • Productivity (Office 365)
  • Messaging (Email, Skype for Business)
  • Video conferencing, remote lecturing (Skype for Business, Vidyo)
  • Online assessment (Moodle and Safe Exam Browser)
  • Personlised portals (Staff and student SharePoint sites, C#, ASP.NET)
  • NMMU mobile app (HTML5, CSS, PhoneGap)
  • Anti-plagiarism (Turnitin)
  • Exam authoring tool (Respondus)
  • Research tools (Atlas.ti, IBM SPSS, EndNote, Statistica)


  • Support will available regardless of whether or not there is access to the campuses.
  • How-to documents on how to get started for both staff and students have been set up.
  • Requesting a new Moodle site - email with the following details:
  • Module code:
  • Module name:
  • Faculty/Department in which the module must be created
  • Name and surname of lecturers

From an End User Support perspective, ICT Services are to concentrate on:

  • Space/module site creation
  • Enrolment of registered students into the newly created modules
  • Academic technology vs. lecturer need alignment
  • Advisory and support roles
  • Contact or phone 041 504 3000

CTLM to concentrate on training and accelerated on boarding of lecturers and students.

Blended Learning related information and help:

Web Services

The Web Services section is assisting departments in updating their websites where requested by creating forms and uploading information and resources to support the academic project.